HOW Communicating Baby

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Baby new born can only cry? Not as well. To convey their needs, the baby have a variety of ways. Try, note the various signs below on your baby, both while he was crying and crying are not.

Eyes that you stare, a sign he seeks to identify who is in the neighborhood. look his back with a smile that he recognizes the fun side of you.
Smile, he often smiled in sleep, a sign he felt quite comfortable. Let he sleeps soundly, but I can, if you look hold.
Give voice. He wanted to attract attention, or you want to play. Go look and eyes, may also play a invite him.
Face as grim, it is possible he did not feel comfortable. Please check baby nappies, the position of the body or bed. Cermati also the possibility he sick.
Crying with leg bend, often going on the attack kolik. Make it comfortable with the menggendongnya while singing quietly. Breastfeeding can also make it more quiet.
foot kick, he may be bored or do not feel comfortable. May also want to because he digendong. Popoknya check first, if dry, may be why you menggendongnya or mengajaknya walking to another place.
Evaporate, just like you, he may be very sleepy. Buckle a buckle-up and he felt sleepy sleep in bed.
Mouth open and closed repeatedly, because he could be hungry. If time menyusunya just finished, he may simply want to feel more attached nikmatnya susu in the lips. Just relax, you can pickaback or left in place while you sleep belai-belai.

Relieved because now he can better understand

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