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the little still baby but cold, yes manner overcome it? ? ? . . . . influenza disease disease that caused virus infection that assault breath channel (nice and throat) really contagious easy, via also can air, but you can prevent it that is with wear mask moment carry or bearby baby belongs at the (time) of give suck it. rule same also operative for father and or interacted any person who with him.babycold
but when excessive tular with weary phenomenon, fever above 38`c, coughs with fussyly because pain taste and the body, next tips that can you do:
· let many take a rest to increase the body stamina.
· permanent suckle asi. asi help liquid deficit may be happen fever consequence.
· look the body temperature. every 3-4 clock once. to determine necessary not it given penurun hot.
· look at draught at baby room flows well. stuffy room the disease.
actually influenza disease will recover self without medicines gift, when the little be handled well he recover in 4-5 day. but possible during time distance can the fussy little because mucus full the nose. for that there are some tips necessary payed in mucus expenditure:
· use special pipette to sucks baby mucus. ascertain you obey the work manner.
· if we like to dab balm rubs at coat part in front of baby breast don't at the skin because can happen irritation in skin.
· give bosedro only salt. this medicine thinneds mucus so that easier is gulped baby and stimulate to sneeze, so that easy mucus out.
· if the mucus too much soon bring to your child doctor, mucus will be sucked tool that named suction (its for little interval and related to a engine).

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