if hair and clean scalp, head crust even also dislike to appear. for new mother, unnecessary confused how manner washes hair (shampoo)s baby safe, next tip-tip. BABY
date from first, baby mengeramasi,  and suggested done every day. the aim, so that skin cells die and dirt doesn't congest to be crust at the head skin. shampoo can be done moment bathe baby.

next steps mengeramasi baby:
1. prepare shampoo, washlap, baby brush comb, hair lotion,  and equipment bathes other at elbow bathing tub. you can bathe baby formerly before wash the hair.
2. wash baby head with warm water from direction in front of rear. take washlap, decant baby shampoo at on it,  and crumple ups until frothy. stroke washlap while give light massage at baby head.
3. wash hair and baby scalp until clean slowly. permanent the direction from in front of rear. try so that flushing water doesn't drip to baby face. although the shampoo doesn't make baby eye smarting, but permanent baby not pleasant if there water that comes into the eye.
4. dry body and baby head. wear coat as usual. where necessary, dab hair lotion so that fragrant and soft, then the hair comb.
use shampoo really memformulasi special for baby, that is proved clinically safe and doesn't make baby eye smarting.

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