Protect Child At Every Age

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But danger most commonly will intercept child will change every several months; so your protection strategy also must change.

baby and parents
age: 0 until 2 months
: fallen down, especially from place changes baby bandage and tool carries in front of.
prevention: don't ever leave baby without supervision in tall surface. pair when is child carried password.

age: 2 until 5 months
risk: striken and experience sindroma menguncang-guncang baby.
prevention: ascertain any person who administer the little know that mengguncang-guncang baby - although 'only slow ' - can causes dispute serious or fatal.

age: 6 until 8 months
: fallen down from house housewares.
prevention: baby clever has rolled about and crawls. so it, observe iron bed, sofa,  or tall surface other. also yes floor. . .

age: 8 until 11 months
risk: gulp foreign things and choke.
prevention: koid wine, cut little food,  and ripe food until soft. keep away little things (metal money, paper clip,  or larger ones child toy with little parts) from jangakauan child.

age: 12 until 17 months
: hitted hot liquid and sink
prevention: children under five can drop hot food from low table. so, so he begins spread housewares at family room, 'clean' entire surfaces. observe each time he resides in around water: bathing tub, pail, little pool.

age: 1,5 until 3 year
risk: medicine poisoned
prevention: when may be, ask medicine enclosing it can not be opened child. save medicines far from children reach.

age: 3 until 4 year
risk: car accident, either in also stripe enters car at house yard
prevention: be careful around stripe enters car at home: if may be, there adult other that ascertain that child genuinely far in place you put into or take outside car. investigate car moment the little and ascertain pair fitly and true.

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