How to feed Baby

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Providing Safe Food With Baby:

* Wash clean all fruit / vegetable before processed. AX032639
* When you try to prepare for food, use a clean spoon or clean spoon each time you try.

* Use all the food / drink that has been sterilized.
* Always wash your hands with soap
and water before you feed the baby.
* If you clean the nose or touching parts of your body or other objects during the provision of food, wash your hands again.
* If there are open wounds in your hands, cover the wound with plaster masks before you feed the baby.
* Dot cleaning bottle and used immediately after cleaning in order to become easier. 
* Wash all equipment clean baby food under the water after the baby is finished eating. * Do not store the remaining food to be eaten in the next, because the enzyme and bacteria that comes from the baby's saliva will begin to "eat " the food, into succulent, and quickly decay.
* Dispose of juice or fruit that is not used within 3 days, and other food that is not used within 2 days.
* All equipment food / drink milk which must be boiled before a new use for the first time.

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