Welcome the New Baby

Diposting oleh oti | Rabu, Mei 20, 2009

Mother's womb to the world a new born Babies usually because her body trembling as if issued from the stomach in a warm and comfortable in a world of cold and liBRAZIL-KAKA-CAROLINE-LUCAght. To help calm your baby in the world outside, the following tips may be useful:

  • Remove the lamp. Because your baby is already in the womb for nine months, the light is too light may not make him comfortable, so try to be light in your room is rather nebulous, obscure.
  • He was warm. your baby is still too small to maintain the warmth of the body itself. 
  • Movement, move the body. She has moved with you since conception, so that reasonable shocks will make it feel safe and comfortable. Pendulum, swinging, walking on the train will push it, but nothing can rival the mother when the swing arm lull.
  • Do not lower the volume. baby you are with the noise matrix, so that the noise in the home such as vacuum cleaner room, a chink cutlery to be washed, or your voice while reading a whisper sweet or hard, which is already known and he is not foreign to the ears, will make him feel good just at home.

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