Type 3 Baby Tote

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Trully say Baby, "Baby age one month, can not lift the body. The only
the head only. Therefore, parents must support a baby's head position when
tote. " gaya-1
Pickaback ala Cradding Hold
It's easy, do it. Follow the steps below:
1. Put right hand on the baby's head and neck. Remember, make sure the baby gets
full support from the hands of the mother or father.
2. Place left hand on the back and buttocks to sustain the baby's body. Remember the position
head must be higher than the baby's buttocks.
3. Hold the baby with the whole body tight, and lift the body and hug to the small
breast. But not to prevent the baby breathing.
4. Put the baby in the elbow fold. Left hand still holding the baby's posterior middle
in the supine position.
Style American Football 
Style is also another common mother is done with the style of football. Baby's head and some
back and neck hug by one arm. Position the baby with the
waist or on the side of the body of the mother. However, the model such as this rarely performed mothers
we in Indonesia.
Ala pickaback Shoulder Hold
Consistent growth, at the age of two months, the baby can already lift his neck when
placed to the position lie face. In fact, babies begin tote happy with the position
portrait. Try 45 degrees position. This style is called a shoulder hold.
This tote style that benefit the baby. It's feeling comfortable, because the baby belly
with maternal breast. There are contacts in the inner, in which the baby hears tap

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