Baby fussy

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Kolik the baby is a term used for situations where the baby cry continuously excessive. Kolik or stomach pain that comes the surge (spasmodik). But because babies can not complain it can not be ascertained because the baby crying. If 10you can not find a clear reason such as hunger, wet diaper baby, a fever, then a baby crying is seen as excessive Kolik bayi. no effective way to prevent Kolik baby, but from some articles. Parents always strive to eliminate causes that may occur as follows:

* Make sure that the hole is the baby bottle to prevent the appropriate size of the baby swallow too much air while drinking.
* Try to belch the baby out with the good of each drink.
* Avoid the baby to be hungry too / have to wait long to take care. Flu & Cold

* Do not panic when the child fell ill start a fever, flu.

* If flunya in barengi with heat, measure body temperature of the child. There are temperature limits, including whether the child is normal or not, use Kompresv Babies and children aged> 6 months, with body temperature> 40C

* Give fluids such as white water as  often as possible.

* For "snot" thick and does not clog roads breath, give sterile salt water as nose drops. Sterile salt water will not cause side effects

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