7 superstar nutrition

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sebutir big egg contains many nutritions in 75 the calories: protein, vitamin a, vitamin b, with zinc. and don't worry about egg cholesterol: you may eat one grain per day.
milk, free fat or low fat (1%)
approximately 200 ml glass from 1% milk contains 100 calories and be source protein, calcium, vitamin d, completely vitamin a good. once in a while try fat low milk and oatmeal cookies with the little.

begin from almond until canary, contain protein, 'good fat' (not satisfied), antioksidan, vitamin b,  and trace mineral. don't give bean intact in the little before he is aged seven year, because can make it to choke. inste, dab thin peanut butter in bread whole-grain. for you, handful full bean mengonsumsi several times one week drastically demote risks is hitted heart sickness.

separo avokad, approximately 140 calories, source okay from fat not satisfied, fiber potasium, with vitamin c, plus several protein.

this kale belong food that can increase energy: low calorie and rich fiber, sour folat, i am karoten, vitamin c,  and fitokimia (the well-being patron), plus several ferrum and calcium.

bread whole-wheat
bran and germ contain fiber, mineral, trace mineral, fitokimia, antioksidan, vitamin,  and unsatiated fat. try ribbon and bread from whole-wheat, with muffin made from at least ½ flour whole-wheat.

sweet potato
rich vitamin a and c, fiber,  and many again. elaborate karbo slowly, so that help permanent blood sugar degree in level that wells.

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