Diabetes melitus (deutschmark) can assault to whoever and doesn't look at age.
" this disease, " word dr. safe b. pulungan, sp. a, has chronic and up to in this time not yet remediable. " cause certain it still to be mysterious but factors genetik and environment is guessed to come along to impersonate. baby
children even also can experience deutschmark if obesitas. obesitas causes syndrome metabolik, preced insulin resistence blackness colour existence marked in skin around nape of neck. usually, parents guess it as skindirt.
permanent berprestasi
although suffer type deutschmark 1, also permanent can berprestasi. " arrange pattern eats, invite the little bero body,  and permanent observe insulin gift so that defend glucose degree in the blood as normal as may be, " safe suggestion.
take heed phenomenon.

recognize deutschmark phenomenon likes:
- the continual little feels and urinate. condition usually emerge according to suddenly during few days.
- heavy body goes drastic.
- child often experience exhaustion, sight disturbance,  and fussy without because. when not handled well, the little will begin to felt sick, heavy breath, heart palpitates, then faint.
" if phenomenon appear, soon bring to doctor correctest done parents, " safe word also add that when does glucose degree in blood achieve 200 mg/dl in urin, mean deutschmark existence sign.
not may diet tight
deutschmark sufferer child not may do to diet tight as adult. " must be avoided food has high glisemic index menguras insulin. conversely, must reproduce fibrous food, " suggest safe.
" don't eat calorie minimum food so that blood sugar degree too low or hipoglikemia that can causes to faint. this endanger, " he said again.
type deutschmark 1 really can not be avoided. but type deutschmark 2 can be avoided to pass good alive pattern and true, that is limit food and do sport regularly.

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