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Diposting oleh oti | Selasa, Juni 09, 2009

Message around milk from china that contain melamine really many parents. how not, milk stills to be essential requirement the little we. we are genuinely and ask around, there yes. . . bring oneself to circularize milk that has dangerous pregnancy to eat child. baby
why does dangerous melamine pregnancy? obvious, this chemistry compound belongs to heavy metal and belong to in 'by-product pesticide cyromazine. mean, melamine heaping (especially tall concentrate) will make body will not can to throw away it again. finally, compound will congest in body (kidney) and form calculus. conceive, when do we, has calculus painful, even less moppet.

good with this article existence, mammas can interesting lesson from this tragedy. that is to be more accurate supervise everything you pass to the little. not only milk, but also food. for mamma that want to share opinion or the experience, please lho. . . we wait sharing you. . .

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