Choose Toy Appropriate Age

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Play often called also" tender age job" . and toy is tool to help to develop independence, supporter tool to mutual share,  and tool menstimulasi development with child creativity.
of vital importance to ascertain that toy anything that given to baby or child has passed standard security and welfare. BABY
well, has you has experience enough about toy that be given to child?
follow steps not less important for you correct reading before decide to buy toy to the little.

do self
then check towards security test and toy welfare whom you pass to the little. be careful with toy that can be putted into in mouth. koid all toys that has string, sharp formed, made from glass ingredient or approximately endanger.

appropriate age
of vital importance to buy toy as according to child age. children younger quicker develops know-how motorik, temporary child above age one year more will fitt toy that want trouble-shooting and more fisikal.

consider duration
when look for toy, think how long toy can be used. amount of toy blooms to pass three stages to watch over so that baby or child interested and playable at the (time) of baby sit, lie down, and or stand.

careful before buy
when buy baby toy, read the pilot beforehand and comprehend the use.
appropriate child taste
will ascertain toy menggemari by the little. pass game, they can sharpen sensitivity and get wise to world around they.

difference baby difference toy
ascertain you choose appropriate baby toy with the development stage and must not buy a toy because your friend buy toy for the child so that you felt must buy it for affectionate sweetheart.

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