with joke and laugh with since child stills baby, parents can bearer with child. the result positive. easier baby is invited communication.
with joke, parents can overcome communication obstacle with baby because baby not yet fluent speak. correct reading joke taste development in baby follows: laugh baby

  • baby 0 - 6 months. baby first smile appear age 6 weeks. laugh to be the first reaction moment he is a little startled or afraid. baby like funny game moment parents takes voice -suara strange so much. also like funny movements like when we carry it suddenly we squat then stand again then recurrent.
  • baby 6-12 month. moment age 10 baby months can look for self what can make it to laugh matter. also consider funny atypical something that, for example likes when we wear trousers at head. game easiest to make baby laughs to enter age one year game ciluk baa.
  • age baby 12-18 month. mutual tickle in this time baby favorite activity. baby one year also begin can laugh to see the favorite show.
  • age baby 18 months up. sang together while imitate behaviour and animal voice liked baby so much. in this time baby has begun can realize joke according to verbal. also can make it to bubble with laughter clown behaviour.
    did you invite baby jokes today?

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