Baby Dances With Music

Diposting oleh oti | Selasa, Juni 23, 2009

carry baby while gyrate to escorted soft music very enthralls! this game can sharpen balance, intelligence,  and baby sense of hearing sense.BABY

prepare tape recorder or cd player with soft musics classic rhythmical or happy. carry baby in position most he takes while a little swinged and dance to follow rhythm. while dance, father and also can come along to sing mother and mutter song while doesn't forget tatap then baby eye so that baby knows how you love it.

besides fun for father and the mother, dance also can evoke warm taste and safe makes baby. warmth and this safe taste can stimulate baby intelligence. various song memperdengarkan also can stimulate baby sense of hearing sense. step movement and our swing moment dance can help baby sharpen the balance all at once introduce rythm to it.

while full stare loves from father and the mother can increase emotion intelligence, optimize baby emotional development and tighten tie (bonding) to father and the mother.

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