pump asi, depositor bottle asi, spoon asi, training cup to the 7 – 12 months, first solid food plate, straw and bottle series tool so n baby now step into your house.A8_thumb5 overbearingly the art cleans and care that all, you are unnecessary worries your baby is germ contamination via tool eats and drink!

steps washes:
• first must you do of course throw away bottle contents, glass,  and plate before washed with water flows.
• wash all devices with faucet water.
• tampung all that you have washed
in container or clean washbasin, special to wash baby device. best you don't use this washbasin for other.
• wash carefully and careful all tools eats and drink to use bottle brush, dot, straw and spons special tool eats and drink baby. to remove crust asi, milk, baby porridge and as it use soap washes sterile usually made from natural ingredient odourless. the soft foam, help you membersih and care baby device.
wash up to there is no again sticky, asa rough and not again smell milk,  or baby porridge.

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