Arrange Finance After Baby Borns

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managed important finance, especially when has baby borned in family. extra cost certain is not parried again. wife husband must has strategy managed family finance after baby born.


the glad, baby has presented at your midst and pair. certain a lot prepared. ready way of thinking, ready physical and also ready in the case of financial. all that must be prepared ripely. baby presence as new member in the middle of family certain our routine expenditure increase.

unite income. certain it found when not yet get married finance management difference and after get married (even less with baby presence). there tips from finance planning expert, dr. adler haymans manurung, also investment management director at one of [the] company security.

buy achievable. “sesuaikan child need ably parents finance. for example, parents can accurate choose milk formula achievable the price with nutrient pregnancy not lose good with milk formula expensive. you must clever memilah-mi expenditure, " say adler.
sure there livelihood. besides adler will add that this young parents must has confidence hit livelihood that they will accept. “tak necessary afraid your money finisheds caused by child. believe that god always give a living. live to how your manner memilah-mi expenditure and consistent towards this family finance management, ” say adler.
eliminate insignificant. adler imply best young pair nullifies credit card use. “bila your salary stills asa by the skin of one's teeth, it is better cause the loss of credit card use because make you are debtor. but when does your salary big, not anything use this credit card because you can ‘memainkannya’.
how now not confused again kan?

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