Bewborn Baby Fact

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new baby sleeps on, always cry, wrinkled skin,  and as it. that is really new baby natural condition. even less another new baby conditions?
natural if new mother stills to felt confused by what happen in aged bew baby one week. this is fakta-fakta:


sleep on. 18 – 22 clocks a day, that is really bewborn baby bedtime. the unique, he is more many sleep day time, temporary in the middle of evening he often get up.

a mess. lambung little new baby, so that only can to accommodate asi around 100 ml. that is because it he has time-table eats almost every 2-3 clock.

heavy goes. don't be startled or afraid. even if drink asi all day long, heavy baby body at first week will go 5 – 10 percents from heavy will born. depreciation happen because baby takes amount of liquid with the first dirt.

cry then. natural, because cry when declare the feeling. try to learn to realize what want ‘dikatakan’ baby passes weeping.

wrinkled skin. age baby skin one week really seen ‘aneh’. wrinkled the skin and contain layer. actually, structure condition and new baby skin component complete, only not yet functioned perfect.

hand and cold foot. this matter is natural. although hand and cold the foot, doesn't mean him feel cold, during breast part and the stomach asa warm,  and the skin surface not rather blue appear.

yearn caress. new baby usually ‘haus’ touch and caress. from fifth baby sense, sense peraba earliest blooms.

how does mother, more realize your new baby?

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