Redden skin and feel an itch not bated, make fussy baby. soon overcome prbaby cool....ickly heat in baby and prevent can may be.
try to investigate forehead, neck and clothes closed the body part. if there rose colored little bodules sometimes full water, with espoused or not florid appear skin, so may be he experiences skin disturbance that known by the name of sweat buntet or prickly heat. in medical term is called as miliaria.
koid many sweats. baby skin stills in development stage and completing. for example, absorption process and sweat expenditure not yet  walk should. finally, often met baby that sweat to over do. if stoppage the skin pore, sweat production will flow/permeate to skin at bearness. this condition trigger incidence prickly heat at the bodies some part.
if baby has experienced prickly heat, do steps to overcome it. fortunately, a large part prickly heat will recover by itself without therapy.
steps overcomes prickly heat:
1. prepare tools that wanted, like waslap, warm water full washbasin, clean coat and perlak.
2. open baby coat. dry existing skin the sweat mother with waslap clean that wetted with warm water. or, will bath baby with warm water (will try so that don't too hot because will stimulate incidence sweat).
3. let baby body without coat for a few moment until skin and the skin folds is dry by itself. the aim, prevent so that skin that hitted prickly heat doesn't increase mortally because bergese with when is dehydrated towel.
4. impose dry coat and clean.

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