watchfulness proves, asi food correctest for baby, belong premature baby. so, not milk formula! even, milk formula memfortifikasi or enriched addition BABY nutrient substances to help process tumbuh-kembang premature baby even also, bot many differ the effect with milk formula usually.

this statement is proved research dr. winston w. k. koo from wayne state university and hutzel hospital, detroit, axis. in the research that reported american journal of clinical nutrition december edition 2006, canvassed 89 premature babies at random is given milk formula usually and milk another formula that memfortifikasi.

guess at first, babes that given milk formula memfortifikasi has well-being score better than baby that give milk formula usually. in reality, from heavy measurement result and long body, mineral pregnancy and density mass bone, with thickly fat network between babes that given milk formula memfortifikasi, doesn't show jazzy difference and mean with babes that given milk formula usually. so, till now there is no that can beat merit asi for baby!

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