Baby Ugly Custom

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Baby Ugly Custom. baby always want this want that. you must clever distinguish which good request and ugly. follow baby ugly custom.BABY

always ask to dandled
stop rutinitas dandle child not as easy as turn palm. ”orangtua must attune the baby asleep self since age early. you can begin it in first or second by put baby at box moment full and ready sleep day. usually sih, every 2 clocks or more at first months,  and every 3 clocks in months next.

want food for calm
give suck baby matter naturalest that can be done a mother,  and child doctors agree this can be done whenever appropriate baby request. but, habit overeat can be begun early on. many child doctors worries, child snare with habit can ’dihibur’ with food.

accustomed to silence
each time the baby lelap, secretory words from your mouth is, ”sttttt! baby again sleep! ” the real, bothing;there is no voice noisyer than sounds usually he hear moment at your uterus, like heart tick voice and ’desiran’ amniotic fluid.

depend on dot
for many mamma, dot can calm baby whimper. but, excessively or too long will use dot will make you are difficult will cause habit.

muali critical evaluates good custom or baby ugly custom. . . .

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