Attention Scrambling Twin Baby. “sete twin baby borns, i like not has time,  and attention scrambling twin baby. " that's complaint often throwed twin baby that mammas. you want tip to shorten time servesbabybaby the twin? this m ay be can help:

for the twin: give suck. you can give suck them concurrent. focus formerly in one other seen very hungry so that pleasant the position, new then arrange position kembaran.

  • eat concurrent.
  • bathe to want not want, bath them one per one by their security, except there that help you.
  • wear your coat can clothe concurrently. remember, don't until one of [the] feel cold because wait too long.
  • sleep you can put them at space same. can in place sleep same the location origin enough far apart,  or in place sleep different.

for parents the twin: have recourse! don't pussyfoot, energetic entire family members to come along to help. anything their contribution, thanked.
always fulfill your provision box:

  • don't put into a cage self, acquaitance, with twin child parents so that you can share experience and get support.
  • forget fullness! let house rather in a mess, coat colour less congenial. more important, you and children wells.
  • if the twin cry concurrent, serve them one by one as according to what they beed. they so can learn to wait.

now you more will understand attention scrambling twin your baby

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