Overweight My Baby …! . parents always pay attention their baby well-being. so from that don't until your baby is too overweight my baby …! overweight therefore very will disturb their well-being later. follow baby well-beinbabyg table in every their development:

baby: age 0 until 1 year
give suck to decrease risk the happening of obesitas at toddler age and after it. baby menyusu accustomed drink sufficient,  and production asi even also accustom.
for baby that drink bottle milk, your willing opponent is to flatters the little spend the milk until finished, after baby shows full sign.

batita: 1 until 3 year
unconsciously, parents often give food berkalori empty. while, follow aap, pure juice (100%) even if must be limitted only until 120-180 ml a day for age child 1 – 6 year. while ’minuman’ fruit taste and sweet soda must be crossed out from list. fat low milk permanent best drink – and plain water.

praschool: 3 until 5 year
portions control eats. add portions appropriate age increase. when does only want to eat carbohydrate (’white menget’) and let food other permanent intact at plate, can you say, “ ma vegetable formerly, new pastanya”.

school age: 5 year to on
teach the little about nutrient by fun. joy's bauer, expert nutrient at new york city, has solution enough unique, but effective: he helps the children makes food list not okay to ‘gigi or organ other in mouth. ’ then, he permits the children chooses one or two foods every day.

look at your baby with full…

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