The Nimble My Baby…. you begin to worry because your baby too nimble? don't khawatri that is good development form. so don't worry if The Nimble My Baby….
cleverness has crawlsed this usually begun when baby has begun can sit self. baby development stage begins to learn to crawls in age 6-10 month. BABY PINK

besides crawls usually, also move the body with mengesot. with move foot and his arms forwards while haul the buttocks. there spread direct baby, there also baby that can direct stand while hold onto at chair or thing at vinicity.
crawls also be tool for baby trains the body muscles all at once stimulate legs and hands coordination that controlled by brain. you can give a chance baby crawls without force it. prepare space plays safe makes baby bereksplorasi.

best manner to stimulates baby crawlss with put the favorite toy in front of baby. moment baby began to lift the head to look for the toy a while ago usually baby will move knee and the foot to progress.

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