Prevent Polio In Baby

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Prevent Polio In Baby. polio be bightmare at various country because really there is no the medicine. but don't be afraid, there is a way of menganggulangi polio in baby and children under five.
threat polio very contagious easy and very intimidated at many countries. by because that's many countries that obligate to give immunization polio for baby and children under five.

virus polio step into body passes digestion channel if food or our drink is not expressly polluted virus polio. by because that's early on, child must be given the body invulnerability towards virus polio pass immunization in age 2, 3,  and 4 months.
children infection polio show nape of neck stiff phenomenon, stiff back and foot during 2-10 day then will recover total. only around 2% from child that hitted polio paralysed total. immunization addition polio still very need by children that given immunization. because to face epidemic, child body necessary get invulnerability addition.
polio really bothing;there is no the medicine, but when hitted and experience stupefaction, so physiotherapy practice so that weak foot can strong return very be need.
Prevent Polio In Baby begins second….

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